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Business Consultation

I specialize in efficiencies, and developing a strategy to improve operations. My work has been with the small business owners handling homeopathic remedies, all the way to major dealership networks and big-name brands like Tesla, Inc.
Using my attention to detail, and passion for perfecting - I will maximize your business to ensure your ROI is breaking records. No matter the project, you'll see my passion instantly - and that means we win together!

Viral Video Production

Video produced, directed, acted in for Volkswagen North Scottsdale. Utilized opportunistic Viral effects on YouTube to interact with current and potential new customers.

Instructional Video Production

Instructional video shot, edited and starred in for Porsche North Scottsdale. Video utilized by Porsche Cars North America, and dealerships / customers gloabally for instruction on vehicle operation.

Testimonials (Addl reviews can be found on LinkedIn)

Andrea Berumen

Senior Delivery Experience Specialist at Tesla

"I have no hesitation recommending James. He has anout standing eye for detail. Mr. Hedland is someone who knows how to create an elevated customer experience. A natural leader who displays great morale and is able to bring out the talent within a team."

Kyle McGinley

Associate Ross Brown Partners, Inc.

January 21, 2019, Kyle worked with James

"James and I have worked together on various occasions ranging from automotive to Real Estate transactions. James' attention to detail is unmatched. He is passionate, dedicated, and focused. James goes above and beyond and makes complicated transactions seem easy. He is patient when explaining and does it in a way that anyone could understand. Thank you James for the last 7 years and looking forward to what the future holds for our business relationship!"

Nate Ellis

Region Energy Manager at Tesla

January 2019, Nate worked alongside James

"This letter of recommendation is of the highest possible accolades for the work ethic and character of that in question, James Hedland Jr. I came into the acquaintance of James around 2018 upon the expansion of the Energy Tesla brand into the Orange County market. His expertise in sales, retail and management were crucial to not only our quick success but long term growth in the market. This was due to the implementation of business practices by him on our management team. Without a prior presence in the region, Orange County has grown to become one of the most profitable markets in the company. This has to do a great deal to James’ influential ability to attract, coach and build an experienced team of driven individuals. Thru his skill at fostering relationships I’ve personally learned a great deal about what it means to be an exceptional manager as well as trusted friend. He is someone I can attest to, that if a seemingly sensitive task needed to be completed, he was one always up for the challenge and would rise above with exceptional quality. He is a truly driven individual whose work ethic is very rarely seen matched. I would highly recommend him for your team."

Nilesh Tiwari

Retail Energy Advisor at Tesla

January 23, 2019, Nilesh reported directly to James

"James' experience and exceptional passion for the automotive/sustainable energy industries makes him much more than a manager, but a leader of the most effective team I've ever been a part of. James' experience in the automotive industry helped us as a team better understand the role TESLA plays in the industry. This was attributed to his consistent updates on breakthroughs in such a fast paced industry in meetings and strong understanding of how TESLA vehicles have evolved since their conception to remain competitive in the market. Reporting to James was a great honor of mine with special regard to the energy he brings to the team. He is consistently the most positive person in sight and seeks to radiate that same energy to everyone he interacts with. It's needless to say that working at TESLA we've see some very stressful days when operating at capacity and James' positivity combined with his passion for sustainable solutions made those days my favorite. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to me at"

Taylor Chanes

Delivery Experience Specialist

January 22, 2019, Taylor reported directly to James

"James Hedland demonstrated new educational techniques that I have never experienced before during my group’s on-boarding as a Delivery Experience Specialists at Tesla. Not only does he set a standard to meet, he empowers employees to find higher standards to achieve for themselves. Without a doubt, I can say that James’s dedication, passion, and constant perseverance to achieve and surpass goals set for us and by us was one of the biggest learning opportunities for me. To create a stronger work ethic was not something I thought was possible, but thanks to James’s guidance, I’ve found new goals to meet for myself and with my team at Tesla."

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